Project Advisory 23, December 2013

Project Advisory 23: Amendment to the “MSBA Science Lab Guidelines”
This revised policy will be in effect for all projects that will receive Preferred Schematic approval by the MSBA Board of Directors on or after the January 2014 Board Meeting.
The amendment to the MSBA Science Lab Guidelines, located on the Prototypical Plans, is as follows:
Current language, listed as a “best practice” – to be removed
#8 “At least two means of egress from each lab should be provided (the building code may require this, depending on area.)”
Proposed Language, to be listed as “required” – to be added
#6 “For those projects in which the design team has determined that a single exit access doorway from each science lab complies with the requirements for egress as stated in 780 CMR Chapter 10 Massachusetts State Building Code, the designer shall provide, in addition to the required exit access doorway, a communicating/convenience door from each lab or between labs, or to other adjacent classrooms or accessible spaces thereby providing a second means to enter and exit each lab. This second door should be separated as far from the exit access doorway as practical, as determined by the design team. Doors used for access to storage rooms, prep rooms or other spaces locked or otherwise not typically accessed by students will not be considered to meet this requirement. The requirement for this second door is in addition to, does not supersede, and the design must not conflict with, the minimum requirements of 780 CMR, which are the responsibility of the design team.”
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