Project Funding Agreement


The Project Funding Agreement ("PFA") is a standard contract that the MSBA enters into with Districts whose school projects have been approved by the MSBA’s Board of Directors to receive a school building grant from the MSBA. The PFA governs the relationship between the District and the MSBA during the school building process from design through construction and completion of a project. View the standard template Project Funding Agreement.

Prior to entering into a PFA, a District will need to provide a certified copy of the vote of the Local Governing Body appropriating and authorizing the full amount of the project’s cost, including both the local share and the MSBA’s share. Please note, the District has 120 days from the date of the MSBA Board’s approval of the project to secure the required local funding authorizations. The MSBA has specific vote requirements. Please see the MSBA’s Vote Bulletin for more information.   
A District must also submit two original Certifications of Legal Counsel with the PFA. The Legal Counsel Certification requires the District’s legal counsel to certify which local public official or governmental body (the "Local Governing Body") has the full legal authority to execute the PFA on behalf of the District and to bind the District to its terms. The MSBA will prepare and send a customized Certification of Legal Counsel to Districts with the PFA. View the Certification of Legal Counsel template.  
After the PFA has been executed, and all other MSBA requirements have been met, the District can begin submitting requests for reimbursement to the MSBA for project costs beyond the Feasibility Study. 

*Please note, the MSBA has separate Project Funding Agreements for Model School Program projects and Green Repair Program projects. For more information, please contact the MSBA.