Project Advisory 34, February 2016

Revisions to MSBA Cost Data Reports
Please be advised that the MSBA has revised the format in which it publishes its Cost Data Reports.  With the goal of making the information more accessible, historical data (projects with a construction start date prior to January 2014) are posted separately from the cost data on more recent projects.  Current project data is further separated into five (5) categories: Repair Projects, Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, Middle/High Schools and High Schools.  In addition, several formatting changes from previously posted reports have been implemented to make the reports more consistent. The following updated reports are now available in our Building with Us section:

  • Bid Results for Awarded Construction Contracts With Executed Project Funding Agreements Amendments – Historical Data
  • Bid Results for Awarded Construction Contracts with Executed Project Funding Agreement Amendments – 2014 to Present
  • Designer & OPM Fees – Historical Data
  • Designer & OPM Fees – 2014 to Present
  • Estimated Construction & Total Project Budget Cost Data at Schematic Design – Historical Data
  • Estimated Construction & Total Project Budget Cost Data at Schematic Design – 2014 to Present

The information and data contained in these reports is based on the MSBA’s review of contracts, estimates and other documentation provided by cities, towns, and regional school districts.  The data may have changed based on actual construction bids or contract amendments, for example, and the MSBA shall have no responsibility or duty to update any information contained herein.  The reports may include a preliminary review of scope exclusions but all costs identified are subject to review and audit by the MSBA and may not be eligible for reimbursement by the MSBA.  This information and data is intended for informational purposes only, and the MSBA hereby disclaims any and all liability and responsibility that may arise in connection with the information contained in these spreadsheets.

Additional information and detailed descriptions of the reports can be found in Building with Us.