Project Advisory 36, June 2016

Owner’s Project Manager Reports
Starting with the June 2016 Owner’s Project Manager Report (“OPM Report”), as of July 1, 2016, the MSBA will no longer require that a hard copy of the OPM’s Monthly Progress Report be submitted by the 25th of the month following the reporting period.
The following changes will be implemented for the June OPM Reports, due July 12, 2016, and for all OPM Reports after that date. The changes to the OPM Reporting System are as follows:

  • The MSBA will no longer require a “Hard Copy” submission. There will be only one OPM Report submission required per month. This report will be submitted via the Online OPM Report System and continue to be due no later than the 12th of every month, with the exception of months where the 12th falls on a Saturday, Sunday or a holiday, in which case it is due the next business day. The MSBA will continue to monitor the timeliness of these electronic submittals.
  • Along with the Online Report, three attachments will be required to be submitted, with a fourth optional attachment. All attachments will have to be uploaded as PDF files.
  1. The first attachment is the “Budget and Cost Report – MSBA format.” Users will have the ability to first print the report, then sign it and attach a scanned copy of the report.
  2. The second attachment will be “Projected Cash Flow vs. Actual Cash Flow.”
  3. The third attachment will be an updated “Project Schedule.”  
  4. A fourth optional attachment for “Proposed Change Orders” will follow these three required attachments.

The MSBA believes these updates will facilitate the submittal of OPM Reports while reducing the number of reports. Smaller adjustments within the system have also been made to make it more user-friendly.
The OPM Report System User Guide has been updated to reflect the changes above and is available for reference on the System Access Forms and User Guides page.