Project Advisory 43, March 2017

Manual for Module 7 - Construction

This is to serve as notice that the Massachusetts School Building Authority ("MSBA") has posted to its website a Manual for Module 7 -- Construction ("the Manual"). The Manual (updated on page 11 as of 6/13/17) can be found here and contains the following sections:

  1. Welcome to Module 7
  2. Construction Deliverable Procedures
    1. DCAMM Evaluation Notifications
  3. The Project Funding Agreement Bid Amendment
    1. Bid Savings
    2. Site Costs
    3. Categorically Ineligible Scope
    4. Overall Scope Exclusion
    5. Soft Cost Exclusions
    6. Other Budgeted Costs in the Construction Budget
    7. Budget Revision Requests
    8. Sequence of Exclusions
    9. Updating the Project Schedule
  4. Change Order Submittals
    1. Procedures governing Change Order Eligibility Review
    2. Guidelines for Eligibility Determinations of Change Orders
      1. Scope, Schedule and Budget of the Project
      2. Categorically Eligible Costs
      3. Funding Limits
    3. Reconsideration of Change order Eligibility Determinations
  5. Guaranteed Maximum Price ("GMP") Contingency Submittals
    1. Costs that may be reimbursed for payments made from either GMP or Construction Contingency
    2. Costs that should be paid exclusively from GMP Contingency, not from Construction Contingency
    3. Costs ineligible for MSBA reimbursement
    4. Procedures governing GMP Contingency Expenditure Eligibility Review
    5. Reconsideration of GMP Contingency Eligibility Determinations
  6. Budget Revision Requests
    1. BRRs that reconcile buy savings, holds and allowances – CMR contracts
    2. BRRs for all budgetary matters other than buy savings, holds and allowances
    3. Process for submitting BRRs
    4. Eligibility Determinations in regard to BRRs