Project Advisory 46, August 2017

Updated Project Schedules

The MSBA relies on the information provided in the monthly OPM Reports, including project schedule updates relating to project status, forthcoming submittals, project closeout related activities, and anticipated MSBA Board of Directors meeting dates. This schedule serves as a primary written source of schedule information from the OPM that is used by MSBA staff to anticipate project status in every phase of every project.

The District must maintain an up-to-date project schedule, submitted monthly by the OPM together with the OPM Report. Within two weeks of the District's approval of the General Contractor’s or Construction Manager's construction schedule, the project schedule should be updated to contain all of the schedule activities required by Module 4 - Schematic Design, Section 4.1.2, plus the additional enumerated Module 7 Schedule Activities. This project schedule must be kept up-to-date and submitted to the MSBA monthly with the OPM Report.

Please note that MSBA requires each monthly OPM report to include a current project schedule. In order to confirm the accuracy of the information provided, MSBA asks that the schedule include a date relative to the "Report as of Date" indicated on each monthly report, showing information that has been verified by the OPM. Project schedules that have not changed since the previous OPM Report should be updated with a current date, and included in the OPM Report. Outdated schedules, or references to schedules included in previous reports, do not meet this requirement, and are not acceptable.

The Base OPM Contract Section 8.1.3 Monthly Progress Report states that:

"The Owner's Project Manager shall submit to the Owner and the Authority no later than the twelfth day of each calendar month a written Monthly Progress Report summarizing activity during the preceding calendar month. The Monthly Progress Report shall be submitted in a format acceptable to the Authority and shall describe work performed by all project participants (OPM, Designer, Contractor or CM at Risk) during the reporting period and work planned for the next reporting period. The report shall also address matters of schedule adherence (Project Schedule as well as individual completion percentages for design and construction), costs to date (updated Project Budget and actual expenses incurred), change orders and potential change orders, cash flow projections, Contractor's or CM at Risk's safety performance, Designer's QA/QC, Contractor's or CM at Risk's environmental compliance, community issues, Designer and Contractor or CM at Risk’s MBE/WBE activities, any issues that could result in additional time and/or additional costs and any anticipated problems/concerns together with recommended solutions."

The OPM Contract Amendment for DBB and CM at Risk Section Project Schedule states that:

"The Owner's Project Manager shall submit this detailed baseline Project Schedule from the Project Scope and Budget Agreement to the Owner and the Authority within 30 days of Approval to proceed to the Design Development/Construction Documents/Bidding Phase. The Owner's Project Manager shall maintain and update the Project Schedule throughout the term of this Contract. The Owner's Project Manager shall assess the actual progress of the Project relative to the baseline Project Schedule and report any variances from the baseline Project Schedule as part of the Monthly Progress Report."

Please refer to Project Advisory 36, June 2016, Owner's Project Manager Reports for additional information. Any further questions should be directed to the MSBA Project Manager or Project Coordinator assigned to the project.