Project Advisory 48, August 2017

Update to MSBA OPM Report Monthly Submittal Scoring Procedure

The MSBA has made changes to the scoring procedures for the OPM Report Monthly Submittals. The changes are in addition to the changes described in Project Advisory 36, June 2016, and further simplify the scoring of the OPM Report Monthly Submittals. These changes will be reflected in scoring Reports in the Fourth Quarter of 2016 and for future Reports.

The OPM contract requires that a project manager representing a school district submit monthly Reports updating the MSBA on the progress of the project. To be considered complete and on time, the Reports must be submitted to the MSBA online system by the 12th of the month following the reporting period with all required attachments. The MSBA records and summarizes each firm’s performance in meeting this requirement. The method for scoring OPM Firm compliance and timeliness is summarized on the OPM Report Evaluation.

Please direct any further questions to the MSBA Project Manager assigned to the project.