Project Advisory 49, August 2017

Budget Revision Request

(The following information replaces Project Advisory 8 from June, 2010.)

To facilitate the MSBA’s process for reviewing proposed Project Budget revisions, the MSBA has developed an updated Project Funding Agreement Budget Revision Request form, which is mandatory for Districts that wish to request a budget revision. The form can be located on our Guidelines, Policies & Prerequisite Forms page. The new form requires a detailed account of the requested revision and requires the signature of the District’s Chief Executive Officer, Superintendent of Schools, and School Building Committee Chair, prior to submittal to the MSBA for consideration. Should the MSBA accept a proposed budget revision, the District may then enter the budget revision into the Propay system and apply for reimbursement as noted on the Budget Revision Request form.

The updated Project Funding Agreement Budget Revision Request form allows the MSBA to determine ineligible/cost/scope items that are excluded from the Total Facilities Grant as either newly excluded scope or an exclusion being transferred from previously excluded scope.