Project Advisory 55, April 2018

Update to MSBA Detailed Design Submission Review Comments Templates

(The following information replaces Project Advisory 26 from December, 2014.)

The MSBA has updated the Detailed Design Submission Review Comments Template used in the review of Module 6 - Detailed Design submittals located here; this update is in keeping with the MSBA’s practice to update its forms and templates as appropriate. The updated Detailed Design Submission Review Comments Templates are to be used by OPM’s in all submittals provided and submitted at the Design Development, 60% Construction Document, and 90% Construction Document detailed design stages.

For the Design Development, 60% Construction Document, and 90% Construction Document submittals please provide: two (2) copies of the binder of materials per the review comments templates; two (2) complete sets of bound drawings not exceeding 18” X 24”; two (2) copies of the project manual; and, two (2) electronic files in PDF format (thumb drives or compact disks).

This policy applies to all Core Program projects unless otherwise instructed by the MSBA Project Manager ("MSBA PM"). In accordance with the contract for Project Management Services, for each submittal to the MSBA, the Designer and District must transmit all required materials to the OPM. The OPM shall compile the submittal with the items indicated in the Designer and OPM Contracts, confirm that the District’s School Building Committee has officially approved the submittal, and verify its completeness and conformity to MSBA requirements. All required documents should be grouped into one submittal for delivery to the MBSA and the OPM shall then forward this submittal to the assigned MSBA Project Coordinator along with a separate cover letter signed by the OPM. The cover letter shall include a certification from the OPM that: (1) the OPM has reviewed and coordinated the materials; (2) the submittal is complete; (3) the Proposed Project as documented within each submittal is within the District’s Budget; and, (4) the District has approved the materials for submission to the MSBA. The MSBA will review each submittal in accordance with the review comment templates labeled for the Design Development, 60% Construction Document, and 90% Construction Document phases.

Please Note:

Upon delivery to the MSBA, the MSBA will confirm the contents of the submittal and notify the OPM of any missing items via a cursory review email. If any items are missing from the submittal package, the District must immediately submit the remaining items as complete submittals are critical to coordinating resources and ensuring that the project design complies with MSBA requirements. Furthermore, incomplete submittals may be subject to rejection and may potentially delay reimbursement payments.

In accordance with Project Advisory 26, the Construction Cost Estimate may be submitted as a supplement to the submittal. It must be received by the MSBA no later than twenty-one days after the submission of the submittal package. If the District is submitting the Construction Cost Estimate separately, please provide a transmittal document that clearly notes that the estimate is not included with the submittal and provide the date on which it will be forwarded. The development of the Construction Cost Estimates shall under no circumstances delay the timely submission of the remainder of the submittal.

As an additional reminder, OPM’s are required to include an updated project schedule in the monthly reports showing forecasted dates for submittals to be received at the MSBA. Please notify the MSBA PM at least two weeks prior to the scheduled submission date of any changes to the delivery of the submittal.