Project Advisory 58, April 2019

Update to the Educational Facility Planning Page, Module 3, and Space Summary Template

Please be advised that the MSBA has updated the Educational Facility Planning and Module 3- Feasibility Study pages with new information related to K-12 Science and Technology/ Engineering (STE) learning spaces. A new report has been added that outlines:

  • Context of STEM programing
  • Variety of STEM spaces in Massachusetts schools
  • Design guidelines by room type and grade
  • Important safety considerations for STEM learning including district policy and systems

As a result of this report, at the February 2019 MSBA Board of Directors meeting, a new STE Guidelines policy was approved effective for all projects receiving a Preferred Schematic approval after January 1, 2019. This new policy includes an updated space summary template that includes and clarifies areas for STE and STEM learning spaces.

In addition, the policy requires that all elementary schools provide at a minimum two sinks in each general education classroom. One sink should be sized to accommodate buckets or other larger containers, while the other must provide accessibility in compliance with state and federal regulations.

Lastly, the STE Guidelines policy notes that MSBA staff will be looking for additional details related to the staffing, training, use, equipment, and safety systems and district policies for STE rooms, Science Labs, and Technology/ Engineering rooms.

The MSBA STE Guidelines policy can be found here.
The K-12 STEM Learning Spaces Report can be found on the updated Educational Facility Planning page.
The new space summary template can be found on the Module 3 - Feasibility Study page.

If you have any questions, please contact your Project Coordinator.