Project Advisory 72, August 2021

Module 9 - Post Occupancy Evaluation

Please be advised that the MSBA has implemented Module 9-Post Occupancy Evaluation (“Module 9”). The MSBA’s modules are intended to provide a guide to the procedures and approvals needed to work collaboratively with the MSBA. Districts in the MSBA’s Core Program are required to follow the procedures and approvals associated with Module 9.

Module 9 was developed in part to assist the MSBA in understanding that MSBA-funded school building projects are operating as intended and performing as designed. In addition, the collection of technical data accompanied by school district and occupant feedback enables the MSBA, school districts, and the consultant community to apply lessons learned to future school building projects as well as to the ongoing maintenance and operations of MSBA-funded school buildings.

Please review the following MSBA documents which incorporate the requirements for Module 9:

  1. Project Scope and Budget Agreement (version 7.16.21), Section 4.2(i)
  2. Project Funding Agreement (version 7.16.21), Section 3.34
  3. Module 9-Post Occupancy Evaluation Guidelines