MSBA Repair Program


The MSBA Repair Program is intended for facilities in which the scope of a potential project is limited to the replacement or repair of a limited number of building systems. Repair projects are designed to materially extend the useful life of the school and preserve an asset that is otherwise capable of supporting the required educational program.

After a careful review of the advantages and disadvantages of the one-time Green Repair Program, the MSBA has decided to maximize the opportunities for Districts by offering two types of repairs – Major Repairs and Accelerated Repairs. Major Repair Projects will follow a process closely aligned with that of a new construction or renovation project in order to complete a broad range of scope updates at facilities that qualify. Accelerated Repair Projects will follow a shorter, more aggressive project timeline to complete projects limited to specific scope items and may allow districts to repair more than one school at a time.

MSBA Repair Program

Major Repairs Accelerated Repairs
  • Use standard MSBA "new program" processes
  • Scope limited to repair/renovation projects but not restricted to specific building systems
  • One project at a time
  • Project Completion: TBD based on project scope
  • Use updated processes developed for the Green Repair Program
  • Typically roof, window, and boiler projects
  • May allow for multiple projects
  • Project Completion: within 24 months of date of Board approved PS&B

Anticipated deliverable and schedule requirements for Major Repair Projects and Accelerated Repair Projects have been tailored to account for the differences between each type of repair. The following is an overview of the documents and timeline required by MSBA for a Major versus Accelerated Repair Project:

  Major Repairs Accelerated Repairs
Pre-requisites 4 months 3 months
Initial Compliance Certification REQUIRED REQUIRED
School Building Committee REQUIRED N/A 
Budget and Maintenance Documents REQUIRED REQUIRED 
Certified Project Schedule REQUIRED N/A
Vote Authorization of Local Funding REQUIRED  REQUIRED
Executed Feasibility Study Agreement REQUIRED N/A 
Consultant Selection (4-6 months) (MSBA Assignment)
OPM Panel Review Package REQUIRED N/A 
OPM Panel Review Approval REQUIRED N/A 
Draft Designer RFS REQUIRED N/A 
Advertise Designer RFS REQUIRED N/A 
Designer Panel Review Package REQUIRED N/A 
Designer Selection Panel Approval REQUIRED N/A 
Board Submittals and Votes (4-8 months) (3-6 months)
Feasibility Study/Schematic Design Submittal REQUIRED REQUIRED 
Board Approval of Project Scope and Budget REQUIRED REQUIRED 
Project Scope and Budget Agreement REQUIRED N/A 
Vote Authorization of Local Funding for Total Project Budget REQUIRED REQUIRED

MSBA Green Repair Program - Closed

The MSBA’s $300 Million Green Repair Program is a one-time program that was offered in Fiscal Year 2011 for the repair or replacement of roofs, windows, and/or boilers in public schools facilities. Learn more about the MSBA’s Green Repair Program.