2019 Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment: Cost Saving Initiatives and Other Resources

FF+E Data Categories & Instructions/Guidelines for Data Entry

Data Categories & Instructions/Guidelines for Data Entry (2019) Please review the updated data categories & features of information. Based on our 2018 initiative, we received feedback and recommendations from designers to enhance the spreadsheet with new features. We have incorporated those changes. New features to the spreadsheet include:

  • Formulas that will populate automatically once data has been input
  • Supplementary categories to Furniture and Equipment
  • Dependent drop-down menus when selecting a category
  • Finishes column in Section 5: Furniture to ascertain whether or not the product was standard or customized
  • Tally of the Remainder Items that have been excluded from the Total Cost of Furniture & Equipment

FF+E Data Collection Spreadsheet & Supplemental Information

Data Collection Spreadsheet (2019) The MSBA will contact officials responsible for completing the spreadsheet (above).

    The 2019 Data Collection Spreadsheet contains 6 sections:

    • Section 1: Requires your input of general information on your school
    • Section 2-4: Automatically populates the total cost of FF&E by category & subject once Section 5 & Section 6 have been completed
    • Section 5: Requires your input of detailed product and cost information for certain types of school furniture to outfit certain areas in the school building.
    • Section 6: Requires your input of detailed product and cost information for types of school equipment.

    Please see the "FF+E Data Categories & Instructions/Guidelines for Data Entry" for additional information.

    Please download and complete the Data Collection Spreadsheet (2019) and contact Alexsandra Galanis at 617-720-4466 with any questions or issues.

    FF+E School Datasets

    The MSBA strives to improve transparency while not imposing additional requirements on districts. A majority of MSBA stakeholders indicated a willingness to complete the spreadsheet on a volunteer basis. As such, FF+E data from each school has been generated by school district consultants.

    Please be advised, in order to give you timely cost information school district consultants have compiled FF&E cost information in advance of the MSBA's final audit process, as such cost information may not reflect FF&E items after submission of this spreadsheet.

    2019 FF&E Data Collections